Best Weed Vegas

Best Weed Vegas

So, you are in las vegas for the weekend and you want to know where the best weed is at, right?

Ok. You know that recreational weed has just been made legal in Vegas and you are ecstatic. Matter of fact, many people are ecstatic about this news since the 1st day that recreational weed went legal in Vegas, it generated about $500K in taxes for the state!

So, being a local of vegas (2), many of my friends go to their favorites places. Not sure if I agree yet on their favs, I am still in the testing mode. When all of this is done and I got a list of best weed dispensaries together, I will post it on this site. In the meanwhile, think about the following to pick the right weed, if you are just starting out in this field: when you go to the super market to buy produce, you look for fresh produce that look good, that looks vibrant and that smells good, right? Well, the same things apply to weed. Look for weed that is vibrant in color, smells good, look healthy. Of course avoid moldy weed, weed that look old and does not smell good. Avoid weed with insects (yes, it does exist) discoloration and mildew. That goes without saying, right? I mean, you would never eat produce that looked rotted, had mildew, discoloration and smelt bad, right? Same things apply to weed… Even if you smoke weed or eat it in brownies, the same rules as fresh produce apply. It’s never a good idea to fill your lung with molded weed smoke… yuk!

Make sure to check back often for my list of best weed Vegas as I am testing this stuff on a daily basis now – LOL

In the meanwhile, here is a map to find the closest weed to you, where ever you may be in the State of Nevada.

Best weed Vegas

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